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Julie was seeing one named Dr While Julie is sad she may never see them again, she helps them to come up with a plan to play The Orpheum
On August 26, 2020, an official trailer was released and the series was released on September 10, 2020 Tessa has been in the Entertainment writing business for almost ten years and is a member of several Critics Associations including the Hollywood Critics Association and the Greater Western New York Film Critics Association

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A Collection Of The Best Julie And The Phantoms Memes
Season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms dropped on Netflix on , 2020 globally and is an American adaptation of the Brazillian series Julie e os Fantasmas
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In addition, the social media accounts that Netflix runs for the show remain active as of May 2021
Julie and the Phantoms
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If these reports are right and the second season is already in development, then it's possible that production on new episodes could start this summer or sometime before the end of the year She also has a close friend who's her biggest fan, and her bandmates help her work through struggles in unorthodox but effective ways
As show time approaches, Julie becomes anxious when the guys don't appear

The show is heartfelt, heartwarming, funny, emotionally honest, and very well delivered by its talented cast.

‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Becomes Emmy Award
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Julie and the Phantoms (Series)
Here's everything we know so far about "Julie and the Phantoms" Season 2
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If fans are lucky enough to get a Season 2 of "Julie and the Phantoms," it will likely dig deeper into these storylines