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Alexander Levin 24 hours 16:9 HDTV 11 Kan 11 HD HD swapped for HD subscribers Israel Broadcasting Corporation 24 hours 16:9 HDTV 12 Keshet 12 HD Keshet Media Group 24 Hours 16:9 HDTV 13 Reshet 13 HD Reshet Media Ltd Hot responded that it already provided service for 95—98% of the country, and sought an official exemption from providing them to certain areas, where the decision lies with the Communications Ministry
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By 2002, some of the cable services became defunct - "Tevel" and "Gvanim" were merged into "Tevel", while "Idan" was acquired by "Golden Channels".

Channel 12 Israel Live
In 2009, businessman increased his stake in the company
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Television wiewers, who seeked to receive channel other than Channel 1, began installing antennas that received Jordan's Channel 1 and Channel 2, along with METV
Channel 12 Israel Live
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HD swapped for HD subscribers Guarda ora Israël senza registrazione! In addition to the digital television services, Hot still provides an service, despite plans to abandon it by 2012, but it has already disconnected the analog service in many areas including central Israel, in favor of digital signals
Hot is not an and is only permitted to offer access History Until the mid-1980s, only a single television channel operated in Israel - IBA's Channel 1 Channel 2 began its experimental broadcasts at that time

Group 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 78 Hop! Channel 10 Channel 20 Hala TV Hidabroot I24 News Arabic I24 News English I24 News Français KAN 11 Keshet 12 Knesset Channel Makan 33 Or Hachaim Reshet 13 DISCLAIMER: tvchannels.

TV Channels from Israel
האתר מרכז ומסדר את כל החבילות בצורה נוחה להשוואה ומציג אותן על פי קריטריונים שהוזנו באחד ממנועי החיפוש
Channel 12 Israel Live
In 1989, six 'legal' cable services were launched, thus disbanding the 'pirate' systems
List of HOT channels (Israel)
Guarda la televisione in diretta dal tuo browser Internet Guarda i canali TV in diretta sul tuo computer in diretta, su TV replay, tutti i programmi TV disponibili! As part of a larger series of reforms to Israel's broadcast system to increase diversity and competition, Channel 2 was shut down, and both concessionaires were granted their own, standalone channels; Keshet 12 officially launched on 1 November 2017, alongside Reshet 13
Some channels broadcast in SD using the same EPG number, and those are shown for non-HD subscribers Perfetto per guardare gli sport giochi dal vivo, sport e altri sport dal vivo, guardare film e programmi TV e i tuoi programmi TV HD in diretta gratuitamente e illimitati
Hot also offers several 'exclusive' channels not available from the competing Yes company under the Hot brand name ידועה בהפקות המקור שלה ומספקת מגוון ערוצים, סדרות ישראליות ובינלאומיות, סרטים וספריית VOD רחבה ועשירה

Each service were originally acted as a monopoly in each region, and they were forbidden from co-operating.

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Programs were divided among the two channels
שירות לקוחות הוט, צור קשר עם נציג הוט
In February 2021, Israel's approved Hot's 170 million investment in the infrastructure venture IBC, subject to a number of antitrust conditions
TV Channels from Israel
As of late 2005, Hot offers a wide service, offering contents from almost all channels and content that is not broadcast by other companies